How to make a good impression from your essay?

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Any essay contest requires the author to impress the jury members. For this, you need to write an essay so that the jury was interested in reading it. And in order to understand that the jury is interesting, try to put yourself in his place.

By what criteria would you rate the work?

What would you remember if you were to evaluate 100 works?

How do you think the work corresponds to the stated topic?

Putting yourself in the place of the jury, you begin to notice things that you, as an author, as a rule, do not pay attention to. Let it be trifles, but it is from trifles that can make a big plus. How to put yourself in the place of the reader is described in more detail in the article “The Golden Rule of the Copywriter: Putting You in the Place of the Reader”.

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Very often there are so-called “monolithic essays.” They are written in one piece of text. Now imagine that the jury should read 10-50-100 such essays per day. Yes, even if the small print? Eyes fill with blood and fatigue appears.

Now imagine the reaction of the jury, if among the “monolithic” works a beautifully designed, readable essay appears before him. True, it will stand out. And it is not even talking about what is written in it. The main thing is that it will attract attention to itself, even before the start of reading.

Whatever you write about, remember that people read your text, and it is in your interest to make it comfortable for people to read your text. Do not be lazy, at least, break paragraphs into a blank line, use lists and selections.

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Competition essay imposes restrictions on the amount of text. That is why, within the framework of these restrictions, the author needs to convey his idea as fully as possible to the reader. And do not forget one important rule, which is especially important for an essay:

Any text should be like a ball: it should open the question so fully that it does not leave unnecessary questions.