How to effectively and independently improve your reading skills in English

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Every difficulty is an opportunity to learn something.

If you write an essay for you – the task is difficult and frightening, then try to look at the situation from the other side. What if this is a chance to improve your writing skills?

No one expects your first essay to be perfect. Like the second and third … And even your 50th!

Just make sure you learn something new each time you write an essay, and your skills will definitely improve.

Besides, you don’t have to do it alone.

We will help you with ten tips so that you can write an essay even better while learning English.

It is very important to re-read the work several times, even if you don’t have to correct a lot. If you feel that “the eye has become blurred” (and finding errors in your own text is more difficult by definition), read the text to a stranger. “Calling a friend” – especially if that linguist – allows you to identify a significant percentage of poorly constructed sentences, as well as a lot of grammatical and logical errors. On the correct word order in the English sentences, read our article.

Life hacking: You can independently essay an essay on a recording device and listen to it. Often this is the way to detect inconsistencies in grammatical constructions or inconsistencies in the logical course of things.

Be sure to use the spell checker in a text editor, but do not forget to read the text yourself. For example, Word sometimes misses some rather curious mistakes that can spoil the impression from your written work. If you are not sure about something, look in the dictionary.

And one more useful trick: before you finish work, set it aside for a couple of hours (even better for a day), then to return to it with a fresh look. This is another reason why you need to start writing an essay in advance, having plenty of time left.